11:45 AM

Be alert for stolen MoBarCLE content being resold online

All Missouri lawyers should be aware of stolen MoBarCLE videos and materials appearing for sale on unaffiliated websites purporting to be continuing legal education providers.

Once The Missouri Bar learned that stolen MoBarCLE programming were being sold online via other, non-reputable websites, The Missouri Bar quickly launched an internal investigation and reported the theft to the appropriate authorities.  The investigation determined that the third-party vendor that provides The Missouri Bar’s learning management system had experienced a security breach of its content delivery network.  With respect to MoBarCLE content, the breach was limited to programs, including videos and materials, being scraped or copied from the network. 

Most importantly, the limited personal data of Missouri Bar members being stored in the learning management system database remained secure at all times.  The provider stores customer data in a separate, secure database, which was unaffected.

The learning management system provider addressed the security breach and has taken steps to significantly reduce the likelihood of future scraping incidents.  Anyone who encounters sites attempting to resell MoBarCLE content should immediately contact the MoBarCLE department. 

“Please contact us if you have been negatively impacted by these sites,” said Executive Director Mischa Buford Epps, “so we can best assist you to obtain any CLE programming you may need to fulfill your Missouri Minimum Continuing Legal Education annual requirements.” 

MoBarCLE strives to provide Missouri-specific and robust CLE programming at an affordable cost to all Missouri lawyers.  Learn more about MoBarCLE programs and publications at MoBarCLE.MoBar.org. Contact MoBarCLE at 888-253-6013, 573-659-6688, or mobarcle@mobar.org.