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Be Kind to Lawyers Day

Created by Steve Hughes in 2008, Be Kind to Lawyers Day was envisioned as a day to appreciate lawyers for the hard work they do, combating the lack of respect they often endure as professionals. The day is observed on the second Tuesday of April each year to recognize the essential role that lawyers play in our society and legal system.  

Throughout history, it is a simple truth that since the creation of laws governing people’s behavior, there have been individuals who have advocated on behalf of themselves or others. The oldest written set of laws is the Code of Hammurabi, which dates from between 1792 and 1750 BC. The first men who practiced legal advocacy as a profession were the orators of ancient Rome, which was organized as a recognized profession under Emperor Claudius, who ruled from 41 to 54 AD.  

Even the development of the United States as a country relied upon the work of lawyers. There were 55 men who framed the Constitution and 32 of them were lawyers, including Alexander Hamilton. Of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, 25 were lawyers, including John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Despite their many contributions to society and even the creation of our nation, lawyers remain the focus of jokes and disregard.  

Today, in celebration of Be Kind to Lawyers Day, here are some ways you can participate: 

Send a message to a lawyer to offer them appreciation, gratitude, or recognition for their efforts 

Post a kind thought on social media about a lawyer who helped you 

Help spread the word that lawyers provide a unique and valuable service to our society through the work they do 

Skip the lawyer joke  

Leave a good review for a lawyer who helped you out 

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate the day, it never hurts to be kind to others! 

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