Editorial Guidelines for MoBarNews

The Missouri Bar is the public information channel for Missouri citizens and lawyers when it comes to legal information and resources. The bar publishes articles, video and more through MoBarNews (the bar’s blog) and its social media channels to educate readers with quick, helpful legal information.  

We invite Missouri lawyers to share their legal prowess with our audiences. Read on to learn more about the content we’re seeking. 

In particular, the bar publishes: 

  • Latest legal news that is relevant to our primarily Missouri-based audiences 
  • Legal tips supported by research and the expertise of relevant practice area lawyers 
  • Q&As with practice area lawyers on relevant legal topics 
  • Videos featuring practice area lawyers on relevant legal topics 
  • Infographics that illustrate and illuminate relevant legal topics 
  • Features showing lawyers at work making a difference for clients and their communities  

We do not publish: 

  • News releases from firms or lawyers  
  • Marketing pieces or stories intended to promote individual lawyers or firms 
  • Content that does not conform to The Missouri Bar’s organizational goals and communications strategies as defined by the Board of Governors 

Content is written, edited, and accepted for publication on our blog and social media channels based on these guiding principles: 

  • Less is more. In the era of #tldr (too long didn't read), write your copy for a busy, often distracted audience. In general, articles should average 300-500 words, except by prior arrangement. 
  • Clarity. Our focus is to present clear and concise information by telling good stories and sharing tips. Our communications team will eliminate jargon and wordiness, as well as explain unfamiliar terms when necessary. 
  • Accuracy. Content should provide factual information from easily verifiable sources, including reputable studies and our organization’s practice area lawyers. We depend on our contributors to check facts, cases, names, dates, titles, etc. before submitting. 
  • Timeliness. As submitted content will be scheduled, contributors should strive to provide evergreen content such as relevant tips or legal information. Content can also be seasonal or tied to annual events such as Law Day, Constitution Day, National Healthcare Decisions Day, or Juror Appreciation Week. 
  • Voice. Content is written in an active voice that is conversational in style for easy reading. Conversational is not informal or overly colloquial. 
  • What’s in it for them? Tell readers what they will gain by learning this information. Will the service or knowledge improve their lives, make them happier, better protected, less stressed, or something else? 

How to submit content 

Submit content via this form. Be sure to include a photo and brief author biography. 

If the author recommends including relevant images, links, or videos, please include a description or sample of the image, link, or video you propose to use with the post and explain if it is copyrighted, requires the bar to purchase, or requires a courtesy line.