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File your MCLE hours by July 31!

Lawyers unable to complete and file MCLE credits can receive deficiency plan extensions

Missouri lawyers have until July 31 to file their MCLE hours for the 2021-22 compliance year or else they risk being assessed late fees.

Lawyers can file their MCLE reports online at MoBar.org/MCLEreporting. Reports are automatically submitted upon compliance, and this will be indicated by a green “Compliant” status and an auto-generated email confirming compliance for the reporting year. Lawyers who are not in compliance and have not filed their annual reports will see a red “Not Yet Compliant” status.

Under Rule 15, lawyers who are licensed to practice in Missouri had until June 30 to complete a total of 15 CLE hours within the 2021-22 compliance year, between July 1, 2021, and June 30. Three of the 15 hours must be devoted to ethics topics, and one of the ethics hours must focus on diversity, inclusion, cultural competency, or elimination of bias.

If lawyers need more time to complete their CLE hours or file their annual MCLE reports, they can complete deficiency plans from now until July 31. Deficiency plans are available at MoBar.org/MCLEreporting. Lawyers with deficiency plans have until Sept. 30 to obtain and file their MCLE hours.

If lawyers do not obtain deficiency plans, do not complete their CLE hours, and do not file their annual MCLE reports by Aug. 31, they will be assessed a $200 late fee. An additional $50 will be assessed at the end of each successive month in which compliance is not obtained.

The Missouri Bar will submit a list of lawyers who did not comply with Rule 15 to the Supreme Court of Missouri by March 1, 2023. Those lawyers will be automatically suspended from practicing law and subject to an additional $100 suspension fee.

Visit MoBar.org/MCLE for 2021-2022 compliance and reporting informationonline tutorial videosfrequently asked questionsaccredited programs, and other useful resources. Lawyers can also contact The Missouri Bar MCLE Department at MCLE@MoBar.org or 573-638-2233.