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Health insurance for members of The Missouri Bar

The Missouri Bar Insurance Marketplace is available to Missouri Bar members, their spouses and dependents and their employees, and offers a wide range of health options from leading providers for solo practitioners and their families.

The program aims to provide members, members’ employees, and all eligible dependents of members and members’ employees with competitive insurance products, employee benefit plans, and services not usually obtained by individuals or small groups.

Member Group plans allow individual members (and in some plans, spouses, and employees) the opportunity to purchase insurance at group rates in plans designed exclusively for The Missouri Bar. Member Group plans provide coverage and are rated based on the plan’s actual loss experience, therefore allowing for premium savings, enhanced benefits, underwriting concessions, and other exclusive benefits to be passed onto the group plan participants.

Also available are individual products, firm plans, and services that are available with pricing discounts, enhanced benefits, and underwriting concessions that are only available through these programs.

Plans for solo practitioners

Designed specifically for solo-practicing lawyers and their dependents, BarHealthTM harnesses the size and scale of membership to bring you savings. If you are a 1099 solo practitioner, start here.

Individual and family health insurance

Also known as “Obamacare plans,” this type of medical insurance meets the ACA’s minimum essential coverage requirements. These plans are eligible for lower premiums through government subsidies. Enter your area code online to see your eligibility options, plans, and prices.

Non-ACA health insurance

Also known as “short-term health insurance”, non-ACA plans can be an affordable alternative for those who are in good health and don’t need coverage for maternity, mental health, substance abuse, or preexisting conditions. There is no designated enrollment period for these plans; you can apply at any time.