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Help thank Missouri's Court staff

A message from Missouri's Chief Justice and The Missouri Bar president

Members of The Missouri Bar:

Missourians depend on a judicial system that serves them well. No one knows this better than the 30,000 members of The Missouri Bar. The bench and the bar have to work together to ensure this system functions as it should. But, no matter how hard lawyers and judges work, the Missouri judicial system would grind to an immediate and unceremonious halt if it were not for the small army of circuit clerks, deputy clerks, bailiffs, and other court support personnel on whom we depend.

This is why we are asking you to help acknowledge these essential members of the judicial system during Court Staff Appreciation Week, April 17-21. These men and women are the face and the beating heart of the Missouri justice system. They are the ones who manned their posts throughout the pandemic and are working hard to clear the resulting backlog. They are the ones bearing the unprecedented burdens of implementing criminal history expungements and new adjudications as a result of the recently adopted Amendment 3. They have faced the same struggles to recruit and retain talented personnel that challenge nearly all businesses. And, most importantly, they have done all this, and so much more, with a smile on their face and an unwavering commitment to public service.

Please take a moment during the week of April 17-21 to let your local court support personnel know how much you appreciate them, and how much we all depend upon them. And, who knows, maybe a few donuts, cookies, or other treats could help reinforce this message! 

Paul C. Wilson                                                      Lauren Tucker McCubbin
Chief Justice                                                           2022-23 President
Supreme Court of Missouri                                The Missouri Bar