16:05 PM

Information on video involving Missouri lawyers

The Missouri Bar is aware of videos and photos which show two armed people during protests Sunday in the Central West End of St. Louis. We are also aware that the two people are licensed lawyers in Missouri.

The Missouri Bar has received phone calls, email correspondence and social media messages from citizens sharing their concerns and requesting action by The Missouri Bar. However, disciplinary matters relating to the conduct of attorneys are not within the purview of The Missouri Bar. The Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel is instead tasked with conducting a fact-finding investigation when complaints are made that a lawyer has engaged in any activities which might violate the Rules of Professional Conduct. You may learn more about the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel and its role in the disciplinary process at http://mochiefcounsel.org/index.htm. We are confident that the process will work to evaluate and address any complaints raised.

Both lawyers are in good standing and neither currently serve in any appointed or elected leadership role for The Missouri Bar.