14:26 PM

Judiciary seeks comments for 2020 review of child support guidelines

The Supreme Court of Missouri has issued the following release regarding comments for the 2020 review of child support guidelines

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Supreme Court of Missouri’s family court committee is seeking comment from the public and members of the bar in conducting its statutorily required review of the child support guidelines, including an examination of the assumptions, information and methodology providing the basis for the current guidelines.

 Comments should be limited to the guidelines and the determination of child support. The committee cannot consider revisions to current state laws or issues related to the child support collection process, or enforcement or modification of child support orders, as these are outside the committee's authority and scope.Written comments may be sent via e-mail to childsupportcomments@courts.mo.gov or by postal mail to:

Child Support Commentsc/o Office of State Courts AdministratorPost Office Box 104480Jefferson City, MO 65110

Any individual who wishes to comment and needs special accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act should contact Ashley Virgin at (573) 522-6767.All comments must be received no later than October 1, 2020.The Federal Family Support Act of 1988 requires each state to maintain uniform child support guidelines and criteria and review the guidelines and criteria at least once every four years. The Court is required, pursuant to section 452.340.8, RSMo, to review the child support guidelines every four years to ensure application results in appropriate child support awards. The most recent review was in 2016.Below are links to information that may be helpful: