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Legislative Update - May 21, 2021

Consideration of bills for the First Regular Session of the 101st General Assembly concluded at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, May 14, 2021. Those bills approved in the final weeks of session are currently being enrolled and engrossed, before they are signed by the presiding officers of the Senate and the House and presented to the governor for consideration. After the remaining legislation is presented to Governor Parson, the General Assembly will automatically stand adjourned sine die at midnight on May 30, 2021. Pursuant to the constitution, the governor will have forty-five days to act on the bills presented to him (July 14, 2021). The remaining appropriations bills comprising the state’s operating budget must be signed prior to the start of Fiscal Year 2022 (July 1, 2021). 

Below is a complete list of the legislation Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed by the General Assembly, with a brief outline of the sections contained in each bill. For the next few weeks, legislative updates will focus on particular areas of practice or law and highlight those bills containing relevant sections. Each bill number is hyperlinked to the relevant bill page, and a direct hyperlink to the final text of the Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed (TAFP) bill is also provided.   

Additional information about this year’s legislation will be published on The Missouri Bar’s Legislative Engagement Center


HCS HJR 35 (Griesheimer) – Relating to the state treasurer’s ability to invest 

05/04/2021 – Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed  

Joint Resolution Text (TAFP) 

  • State Treasurer – Custody, Investment, and Deposit of State Funds (Mo. Const., Art. IV, Section 15) 


SS SB 2 (Hegeman) – Relating to economic incentives for the creation of military jobs, with an emergency clause 

04/22/2021 – Signed by Governor [Effective on 04/22/2021] 

Bill Text (TAFP) 

  • Missouri Works Program – Qualified Military Projects (Sections 620.2005 and 620.2010)  

SB 5 (Wieland) – Relating to advanced industrial manufacturing zones 

05/14/2021 – Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed  

Bill Text (TAFP) 

  • “Advanced Industrial Manufacturing Zones Act” (Section 68.075) 

HCS SS SB 6 (Wieland) – Relating to insurance, with existing penalty provisions 

05/04/2021 – Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed