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Looking for CLE to accelerate your practice?

Young Lawyers' Section launches Accelerator Series

The Young Lawyers’ Section of The Missouri Bar now offers the Accelerator Series, a series of online courses designed specifically to provide the most current continuing legal education to lawyers in any stage of practice.

What you’ll learn

The Accelerator Series programs place an emphasis on business management skills, well-being, and a review of the basics of legal writing and research.

Each CLE features a different program each month organized across these four themes:

·         Hanging out your shingle, Jan.-March

·         Lawyers as people, April-June

·         Legal refresher, July-Sept.

·         Back to basics, Oct.-Dec.

Hanging out your shingle

This three-part series strives to address questions and problems lawyers might face when starting their own law firm.

February’s program with Bobby Thrasher covered the top ethical considerations for solo and small firm owners and reviewed the basics of business management. Attendees learned how to bill clients, record retention and transitions, and the essentials of money management.

In March, Andrew Peebles will present on the fundamentals of marketing a firm on a firm-wide and individual basis. He will review tips for marketing and advertising, how to develop networking skills, methods for locating and retaining clients, and how Missouri’s ethical rules apply to legal marketing strategies.

Lawyers as people

The second three-part series strives to help lawyers achieve well-being and work-life balance throughout their careers.

In April, Sara Rittman will help lawyers learn to avoid and report ethical complaints. This ethics-based CLE will discuss steps to take when handling questions of duty to report, as well as common ethical complaints and how to avoid them.

May’s CLE addresses work-life balance in the legal profession and how lawyers can set themselves up for personal and professional success. Timothy Laughlin will review the best ways to manage a legal career with a healthy lifestyle, quiet quitting, and methods for handling high volumes of communication with clients.

In June, Dana Tippin Cutler, John Tyler, and Donna Watson will discuss the do’s-and-don’ts of being a board member and a lawyer. Cutler will examine ethical and professional obligations that lawyers need to consider when acting as a board member.

Legal refresher
Additional information to be added.

The third three-part series aims to provide lawyers with an overview of the technical aspects of being a lawyer.

In July, a presenter will provide a refresher on the basics of legal writing.

August’s course focuses on reviewing the ins-and-outs of legal research.

The September program will review the basics of rules of evidence and how to best use them in your practice.

Back to basics

This fourth installment of the three-part series gives lawyers a refresher on segments of law that lawyers encounter frequently in their careers. It also provides primers for lawyers interested in expanding their skills to new practice areas.

October’s program will highlight traffic tickets and provide an overview of the best methods to handle them.

In November, a presenter will discuss the formation, dissolvement, and daily management of LLCs and corporations. This “in a nutshell” presentation gives lawyers the knowledge they need to get a new company operational.

In December, delve into the details of drafting and reviewing contracts. Attendees will learn the fundamentals of business, real estate, employment, and contractor contracts.

Bundle a series to save time and money

As a lawyer starting out in their career, investments in one’s professional development can often be limited. MoBarCLE works to provide affordable, Missouri-law specific continuing legal education programs to meet the needs of Missouri lawyers.

Select individual Accelerator Series programs courses, bundle a three-part series, or all 12 to receive discounted rates.

$100 per course, individual

·         Lawyers can sign up for any individual course for $100 and will receive 1.0 MCLE / 1.0 E.

$50 per course, one three-part series

·         For $150, sign up for a single series (ex. Lawyers as people) to receive three individual programs and 4.0 MCLE / 4.0 E.

$33 per course, the complete Accelerator Series

·         For $400, receive all four series (12 programs) and 12.0 MCLE / 12.0 E.

Visit MoBarCLE’s website to register online.