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McCarter, Vincent receive 2022 President’s Awards for longstanding Journal columns

TW_2022 President's AwardsMissouri Bar President John Grimm awarded the 2022 President’s Awards to W. Dudley McCarter and Scott Vincent for their commitment to educating lawyers through their Journal of The Missouri Bar columns.

Given by the president of The Missouri Bar, the annual award recognizes lawyers’ meritorious services to the state bar. 

“Sharing knowledge with others through writing is a special gift,” Grimm said. “Doing so for 24 years, as Dudley and Scott have, is phenomenal.”

McCarter is a founding member of Behr, McCarter, Potter, Neely & Hyde PC in St. Louis. He served as president of The Missouri Bar from 1992-1993 and St. Louis County Bar Association from 1986-1987. A graduate of the University of Missouri School of Law, McCarter was admitted to The Missouri Bar in 1975. He is also a past recipient of the bar’s Purcell Professionalism Award and the Spurgeon Smithson Award, as well as The Missouri Bar Foundation’s W. Oliver Rasch Award.

McCarter writes “The Flag,” a column in the Journal that summarizes four to six recent court decisions that are relevant to practicing Missouri lawyers. The Flag has been a staple in the Journal since 1958, and McCarter took over writing the columns in 1998.

“Dudley’s firm grasp on the legal landscape has allowed him to identify and relay important court decisions to his peers,” Grimm said. “Through ‘The Flag,’ Dudley has offered concise, timely updates for lawyers in a way that is both informative and easy to digest.”

McCarter’s passion for the practice drives him to want to help others, and he views “The Flag” columns as a way to help lawyers even better serve their clients.

“As lawyers, we have opportunities to help individuals, charitable organizations, and our communities,” he said. “Few professionals are able to assist others in as many ways as lawyers can.”

Vincent is a founding member of Vincent Law LLC in Kansas City. A graduate of the University of Kansas School of Law, Vincent was admitted to The Missouri Bar in 1991.

Vincent is known for his longstanding Journal column, “Taxes in Your Practice,” where he highlights tax-related decisions and advice from the IRS and rulings from the U.S. Tax Court that impact Missouri lawyers. “Taxes in Your Practice” has evolved since its debut in the Journal in 1959. Vincent took over writing the column in 1998.

“Scott has a wealth of knowledge in tax law,” Grimm said. “By honing in on relevant changes and seasonal needs, Scott has continuously provided Journal readers practical, clear tips for navigating and planning for tax matters.”

Vincent enjoys hearing from and assisting Missouri lawyers who have tax questions, particularly when they relate to his columns. He said “Taxes in Your Practice” helps him consistently participate in the bar while also supporting lawyers.

“With the ‘Taxes in Your Practice’ column, I hope I have and continue to highlight tax matters for the members of The Missouri Bar that may impact their practice or their clients,” he said.

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This year’s award winners will be recognized at Annual Meeting Sept. 14-16 in Springfield.