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Millie Aulbur presented Dr. Warren H. Solomon Civic Virtue Award

Millie Aulburretired Citizenship Education director with The Missouri Baris the 2020 recipient of the Dr. Warren H. Solomon Civic Virtue AwardEstablished in 2001, this award recognizes people who exemplify and promote civic virtue among Missouri’s teachers and students.  

Aulbur is a natural choice for this honorcurrent Citizenship Education Director Dr. Tony Simones said. The program Aulbur created was nationally recognized for its excellence, and she has helped Missouri maintain a greater commitment to the principles enshrined by the founding fathers and those who created the Constitution. 

Millie created a citizenship education program that impacted a generation of students and prompted many to pursue a career in the law,” explained Simones. “In addition, she empowered teachers to create educational opportunities that were learner-focused and challenged students to think analytically and critically about our constitutional system. 

Aulbur, however, was surprised by the recognition.  

“Previous Solomon Award winners have included some civic education heavy hitters and I have never seen myself as one of those,” Aulbur said.  

When then Missouri Bar Executive Director Keith Birkes hired Aulbur in 1994 as the necitizenship education directorAulbur said she “had no idea what an opportunity had landed in my lap.” She added she met several dedicated teachers who inspired students daily to be engaged citizens.  

These teachers' passion for civic education and lawyers‘ dedication to the law made for a perfect marriage,” Aulbur saidPreparing materials and programs for these teachers was something I never tired of doing.   

Aulbur always carried facial tissues to the Center for Civic Education’s programs because students’ performances often brought tears to her eyes. 

I firmly believe those of us who got caught up in the perfect storm of teachers and lawyers coming together have produced some incredible leaders for our country. And they know civics! she said. 

This award is named after Dr. Warren H. Solomon, a social studies curriculum specialist who worked with Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for more than 25 years.  

For additional information, please contact Simones at tsimones@mobar.org.