14:32 PM

MOLAP welcomes Raven Ballard as clinician, well-being coordinator

The Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Program recently hired Raven Ballard, M. Ed., PLPC, as a clinician and well-being coordinator. Though Ballard is new to the position, she has a history of working at The Missouri Bar. Learn more about Ballard below, and access MOLAP services 24/7 at MoBar.org/MOLAP or call 800-688-7859. Services are free and confidential.

You’ve been at the bar in a previous role. What interested you in this new position?

I started my time with the bar as the office manager while also being enrolled full time in my master’s program for clinical mental health. As I was wrapping up my time as a student, the Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Program clinician position had re-opened and I had the opportunity to apply. Getting this job with MOLAP is honestly a dream come true as I get to work in the field I love, while also getting to stay employed with The Missouri Bar — the best of both worlds!

What inspired you to pursue this line of work?

After having witnessed others struggle with mental health, I decided that if I wanted to see change, I needed to be that change. I have always been interested in psychology, neuroscience, and wellness, and being a counselor means I get to connect with and advocate for those around me. The stigma surrounding mental health won’t go away on its own; my goal is to be a voice that helps continue the reduction of stigma surrounding mental health and wellness.

What part of your new role are you most excited for?

Being in the mental health field requires professionals to wear a variety of hats beyond being a clinician. The biggest piece about this position that stuck out to me is that I not only get to serve as a clinician, but I also get to be a learner, an educator, and an advocate for the mental health of clients. I love getting the opportunity to not only counsel clients, but to share with them the information and skills I have learned thus far.

What would you like lawyers to know about MOLAP?

MOLAP is here to help Missouri lawyers in a vast variety of ways. MOLAP isn’t just a 24-hour help line, but can provide free, confidential counseling services to help lawyers achieve whatever personal goals they may have in mind. Struggling with work/life balance? Needing some support with a family crisis? Or maybe just want to unpack some tough stuff that’s resurfaced? MOLAP is here for all of the above, and much, much more. Feel free to give Anne Chambers, LCSW, or myself a call at anytime to discuss how MOLAP may be able to serve you.