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My Missouri Lawyer

Real people. Real stories.

People love to tell jokes about lawyers, but the truth is, we need lawyers to help us find solutions to our legal problems and navigate our complicated legal system. Most lawyers will tell you they joined the profession to help people.

Lawyers help families with guardianship issues, they help veterans access the benefits they’ve earned through their service to our country, they help individuals who are starting small businesses start off on the right footing to be successful. These are just a few examples of how lawyers can help improve our daily lives.

Lawyers help protect people’s rights and safety. They advise and represent individuals, businesses and the government on their legal rights and obligations. Lawyers benefit the people of Missouri, but they sometimes don’t get credit for their service.

We want to hear your stories. Tell us how your Missouri lawyer helped you with a legal problem. These stories will help the public understand the different ways in which Missouri lawyers help people and serve the public good.

With your permission, we will highlight some of these stories in the coming weeks. Submit your story through the link below. Tell us your story today!