11:58 AM

New Episode: “Is It Legal To…?” Small Claims Court

Small claims court holds the nickname “the people’s court” because it helps citizens settle their small claims without hiring a lawyer. While the system was designed to settle uncomplicated disputes, filing a claim and collecting any rewards can be complicated.  

In the latest episode of the “Is It Legal To…” podcast, hosts Farrah Fite and Bob Priddy are joined by Associate Circuit Judge Corey Moon, of Northeast Missouri’s 2nd Judicial Circuit, to discuss the small claims courts and how citizens can best navigate it. 

Topics in this episode include: 

  • What is small claims court? 
  • Who can sue in small claims court? 
  • What type of disputes are handled in small claims court? 
  • What do I do if someone sues me in small claims court? 
  • What happens if someone chooses not to show up to court? 
  • What happens if I have a scheduling conflict? 

Listen to the new episode here or by clicking the play button below. 


“Is It Legal To…?” is a podcast produced by The Missouri Bar, with hosts Communications Director Farrah Fite and veteran Missourinet reporter Bob Priddy. To listen to more episodes, visit MissouriLawyersHelp.org/IsItLegalTo.  

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