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Patricia “Tricia” Susi chosen as new Intervention Committee member

Earlier this year, the Appointments Committee of The Missouri Bar Board of Governors sought applications for a vacancy on the Intervention Committee. Recently, Patricia “Tricia” K. Susi was selected for this role. As a member of the Intervention Committee she will support the activities of the Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Program (MOLAP).   The Intervention Committee is composed of nine members whom each serve a term of four years. Key requirements to service on this committee are familiarity with Supreme Court of Missouri Rule 16, deep respect for confidentiality and understanding of substance recovery.  

Susi is a principal at Curtis, Heinz, Garrett & O’Keefe, P.C. She received her undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Missouri -St. Louis and her JD from the University of Missouri School of Law in Columbia. She hopes her professional and personal experiences will allow her to assist others with coming to terms with their addiction, to seek help, to connect them with resources to enable them to become sober, find their commitment to sobriety, and to their own well-being. 

How do you think the committee benefits the profession?  

The committee is a beacon of hope and sanctuary to legal professionals in crisis. 

How can lawyers get involved in the committee?  

Lawyers can get involved by sharing the mission of this committee with their firms, colleagues and legal organizations in which they are members, so that the reach of this committee is expanded to provide hope to others that are struggling with addiction and their mental health.  

Additional thoughts?  

Addiction is private. It is secret. As attorneys, we fear that letting go and coming to terms with addiction is shameful and WILL be used against us by others in our field. Dropping this fear is critical to being free of addiction. Shame and fear hold us back from being who we are truly meant to be. I was meant to help others through this committee and that is what I intend to do.  

Tell us something interesting or fun about yourself:  

I am a certified yoga instructor trained in the Baptiste methodology and host a weekly yoga class at my church and on FaceBook. I enjoy hiking, biking, climbing trees, practicing yoga, teaching yoga, reading, spending time with my family that is big and blended (7 children total). The most rewarding aspect of my life is helping others find the joy that I have found in sobriety. 

To learn more about the Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Committee or to ask for help, click here or call (800) 688-7859.