Jefferson City,
11:18 AM

Questions about Kansas CLE credit? Here are some FAQ

Interested in becoming licensed in Kansas?
Visit the Kansas Bar Admission website for more information.

Do I need the same number of CLE hours in Kansas as I do in Missouri?
No. Active lawyers in Kansas must complete 12 hours of CLE, including two hours of ethics and professionalism.

How much of the program do I need to watch for credit?
To receive full credit in Kansas, CLE attendees need to view 95% of the program as partial credit will not be granted.

Is reporting now fully automatic? 
Reporting of attendance to Kansas CLE is NOT fully automatic. Email your Kansas Supreme Court number to within one week of a program for MoBarCLE to report your attendance.

Does watching or listening to a program on my own time now count for Kansas credit?
Listening to or watching a MoBarCLE program on your own does not count for Kansas credit.

Which programs count for Kansas credit?
You can find programs that have been pre-approved for Kansas credit online at

Do I need to pay more for a MoBarCLE program to receive Kansas credit?
No. There is no additional cost for a MoBarCLE program to receive Kansas credit.

What is the deadline for getting my Kansas CLE credit?
June 30.

How do I find programs approved for Kansas credit? 
To find programs approved for Kansas credit, go to In the search bar, enter "Kansas Credit". All MoBarCLE sponsored programs which have been approved for Kansas credit will be listed.