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Retired? Waive your enrollment fee by providing pro bono services

If you’re retired or currently on a break from your practice, you’re in a unique position to help Missourians who need legal answers. With National Celebration of Pro Bono Oct. 23-29, now is the perfect time to learn how you can apply for a waiver of annual enrollment fee using pro bono work.

Members can seek a waiver of the annual enrollment fee in exchange for providing pro bono service and agreeing to not be compensated for any legal work performed during the waiver period. Lawyers whose Missouri license is in good standing may file a request for waiver if the lawyer provides or agrees to provide pro bono legal services in Missouri to an approved legal assistance organization. The lawyer must also meet Rule 6.01 requirements.

To apply, complete the Request for Pro Bono Waiver of Annual Enrollment Fee form if you can agree to:  

  • Not practice law in Missouri except as a pro bono lawyer and won’t seek or receive any compensation of any kind for legal services provided;
  • Participate and comply with any training provided by the legal assistance organization where you are performing pro bono service;
  • Comply with all Rule 15 minimum continuing legal education requirements; 
  • Confirm you are in good standing in all states, territories, or districts where licensed; 
  • Submit a certification form from the approved legal assistance organization indicating the organization’s willingness to accept your pro bono services; 
  • Understand that the waiver is only valid for one calendar year; and  
  • Notify the clerk within 30 days if participation with the approved legal assistance organization ends. 

Submit the completed form and required materials to: 

Missouri Attorney Enrollment Office
Supreme Court of Missouri
P.O. Box 150
Jefferson City, MO 65102  

Once received, the clerk will determine whether to approve your pro bono waiver based on several factors, including the number of lawyers applying, the needs of the organization you would be assisting, the willingness of the approved legal assistance organization to accept pro bono legal assistance from you, and the overall impact of administering the waiver rule. 

If approved, the waiver is valid through the calendar year. A lawyer with a pro bono waiver may annually seek to renew the waiver by submitting a statement by Nov. 1 each year certifying the following: 

  • Continuation of pro bono legal services to an approved legal assistance organization;
  • Number of pro bono hours provided in the prior year; and
  • ​​​​​​Commitment to continue to participate in any training required by the approved legal assistance organization.

Any training required by the approved legal assistance organization which qualifies for MCLE credit also counts toward your annual Rule 15 CLE requirements. Approved legal assistance organizations must supply the clerk of the Supreme Court the following to qualify:  

  • Names and bar numbers of those coordinating the pro bono services of lawyers who have applied for the waiver; and​​​​​​​
  • Certification that the organization has professional liability malpractice insurance and the amount of such insurance which will cover lawyers performing pro bono services via the waiver program.

This pro bono waiver opportunity went into effect January 2020 following the Supreme Court of Missouri revision of Rule 6.01.