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Utilize the forms bank to streamline your practice

Whether you’re new to the profession, a solo practitioner, or a lawyer with decades of large firm experience, having the appropriate tools at your disposal makes all the difference in succeeding within the practice of law and even better serving your clients.

Through the forms bank on connect.MOBAR, The Missouri Bar provides free forms, white papers, comparison charts, checklists, and articles related to various practice areas and stages of managing a law firm.

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Criminal law forms

Criminal law lawyers can access ready-made forms covering topics such as client interviews, sample guilty plea questions for the defense counsel, an office procedure letter to clients, a petition for review of revocation of driving privileges, a revised criminal code overview chart which lists criminal statues and the location within the revised criminal code (2017), sample challenges to the admissibility of breath-test results, and sample petitions for reinstating licenses.

Discovery law forms

Download discovery law forms reviewing affidavits in lieu of testimony by a custodian, the authentication of judicial and other legislative records, motions for protective orders, notices to take deposition of corporate designee, and video deposition notices.

Family law forms

Find family law forms on annulment petitions, motions to quash administrative order to withhold, petitions for stepparent adoptions, and sample engagement letters from the Family Law Deskbook.

Litigation forms

If you’re looking for forms relating to litigation, access a sample letter requesting subrogation information, a notice to those sharing in wrongful death judgments, a sample petition for recovery under a property insurance policy, and a property damage investigation checklist 

Practice management

For practice management help, peruse law practice forms and templates; whitepapers related to opening, building, or managing a practice; and checklists and charts to assist in the daily business of running a law firm.

Probate and trust forms

For estate and trust lawyers, explore practical tips for trust administration, petitions for the appointment of adult guardians and conservators, petitions to contest a will, the revocation of durable power of attorney, and a sample “In Terrorem” clause for a will.

Real estate forms

For lawyers practicing in real estate law, view a notice of abandonment of property by a tenant or download a checklist for real estate purchases and loan closing.

Trust account basics

Watch videos examining trust accounts basics including new accounts; deposition to the client trust account; disbursing from the client trust account; the requirements of recordkeeping; routine practices; and decision, opinions, and rule changes.

 Build a better practice: The Bar Plan video series

View a video series discussing the ins and outs of running a law firm, including accounting for attorneys, cyber liability basics, planning for retirement and succession planning, and achieving work/life balance.

MoBar economic surveys

Since 1958, The Missouri Bar has conducted a survey every other year to gain insight into the economics of law practice in the state of Missouri. The results of the survey provide a guide for lawyers in evaluating their firm's performance in relation to similar law firms. Starting in 2021, the economic survey shifted to take place every five years and is expected to be published in 2026.

The survey also provides economic information about Missouri's lawyers who practice as solo practitioners, government attorneys, and corporate counsel, as well as those who work in law-related and non-legal professions.

View 2021’s economic survey online.