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YLS seeking nominations for district diversity seat on council

In recognition of the value of diverse opinions and viewpoints, and in an effort to increase the same on the Young Lawyers' Section Council, the council elects a member to serve in an alternating district diversity seat. The members of the Young Lawyers’ Section in the district shall elect one eligible member who has unique experience and knowledge or who represents diverse elements of the section, including but not limited to race, gender, sexual orientation and disability.

Any member of the section enrolled in a county within the district shall be eligible for the seat; but no member may simultaneously serve as the seat and serve as a council member from a district described in Article III of the YLS bylaws. A member is considered enrolled in the county in which the section member maintains their voting place for the purpose of voting for members of The Missouri Bar Board of Governors.

In 2020, the diversity seat representative will be elected from the counties encompassed by the Eastern District Court of Appeals.

Nominations for the seat shall be made by petition signed by not less than five members of the section in good standing who are enrolled and entitled to vote in any county which shall be within the district during the seat's term.

A statement describing the nominee's unique experience, knowledge and qualifications to represent diverse elements of the bar must be attached to the nominating petition.

Nominations will be presented to the current YLS council, and the council will, by majority vote, select a panel of at least two candidates for the seat. If there is only one nominee for the seat, such nominee shall be the seat without need for an election. The selections will be made at the summer meeting of the council in July 2020.

Those nominees selected for the panel shall be placed on the electronic ballot no later than Aug. 1, and voting will end at 10 a.m. on Aug. 15.

For more information and a downloadable nominating petition, please see the YLS elections page.  Nominations must be submitted by June 22.