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A profession that goes above and beyond to protect clients

Adherence to the standards established by the Missouri Rule of Professional Conduct is expected from every lawyer. The Missouri Bar recognizes that, regardless of the efforts to maintain a high degree of competence and ethics among the members of the legal profession, some lawyers fail to meet those standards. 

In 1966, The Missouri Bar Board of Governors created the Client Security Fund to help those who have been wronged. The fund is maintained by appropriations from the annual enrollment fees paid by each member of The Missouri Bar, as well as interest and restitution payments from lawyers seeking reinstatement. 

The six-member Client Security Fund Committee reviews reimbursement claims. The committee may recommend reimbursement of a claim in full or in part, or it may recommend denial of a claim. 

Payments are limited to 80% of the amount of loss over $5,000, and there is a maximum payment of $50,000 per claim. All payments the committee recommends are reviewed by The Missouri Bar Board of Governors for final approval. 

Learn more about the regulations and rules governing the fund or complete a claim here.