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All aboard the CLE Express!

Now you can get all your CLE credit in one day.

CLE Express

Designed to bring attendees up to speed and maximize the time Missouri lawyers can spend practicing law, The Missouri Bar now offers a one-day online CLE course that qualifies for all of Missouri’s continuing legal education requirements.

Drawing from MoBarCLE’s most popular course, Annual Law Update, CLE Express covers material  focused on appellate law; bankruptcy law; civil practice and procedure; criminal law; elimination of bias; ethics; family law; labor and employment law; real property; tort law; trusts, estate planning, and probate law; and workers' compensation.

Highlights from the 2022 U.S. Supreme Court will also be presented.

Participants will receive 15 hours of MCLE, four hours of ethics, and one elimination of bias credit for $400.

The course runs from 7 a.m. to 8:20 p.m. and will be available throughout the year starting June 3.

Featured speakers include:
(featured in order of presentation)

·    Heather Hall, Schormann Law Firm, LLC

·    Commissioner Amy DeGraeve, Jackson County Circuit Court

·    John Kurtz, Hubbard & Kurtz, LLP

·    Anthony Laramore, Mutrux Firm Injury Lawyers

·    William Love Jr., Hyde, Love & Overby, LLP

·    Stuart Teicher, The CLE Performer

·    James Hobbs, Wyrsch Hobbs & Mirakian, PC

·    John Lynch, The Law Offices of John Lynch, LLC

·    James Wyrsch, Wyrsch, Hobbs & Mirakian, PC

·    Casey Elliott, Van Matre Law Firm, PC

·    William Quitmeier, Quitmeier Law Firm

·    Mark Lapp, Special Representative, OCDC

·    Erin Hawley, Alliance Defending Freedom

·    Jeremiah Morgan, Missouri Attorney General’s Office

·    Professor Gary Myers, University of Missouri School of Law

·    Heidi Vollet, Cook, Vetter, Doerhoff & Landwehr, PC

·    Timothy Sansone, Sandberg Phoenix & Von Gontard, PC

·    Kristen Maly, McCarthy, Leonard & Kaemmerer, LC

·    Kevin Johnson, Wallace Saunders, PC

·    Martin Klug, Huck Howe & Tobin

·    Patrick Platter, Neale & Newman, LLP

·    Kevin Spear, Van Camp Law Firm, LLC

·    Adam Breeze, Millsap & Singer, LLC

·    Jennifer Oswald Brown, Oswald Rew, LLC

·    Erin Mayfield Craig, Oswald Rew, LLC

·    Andrew Scholz, Rooney McBridge & Smith, LLC

·    Kirk Stange, Stange Law Firm, PC

Ethics Express

MoBarCLE now also offers an Ethics Express course, where lawyers can fulfill three hours of MCLE, three of ethics, and one elimination of bias requirement for $180. The Ethics Express courses will be presented during 2023 CLE Express and are also available individually.

Ethics Express features Stuart Teicher, dubbed the CLE performer, presenting:

Eight reasons movie-lawyers would be disciplined

Lawyers in film are constantly violating ethics rules. Of course, sometimes those gaffes happen in real life, too, and lawyers need to make sure they don’t repeat those mistakes. Teicher explains the sometimes obvious and sometimes subtle ethics violations committed by lawyers in movies and on TV.

This course reviews:

•    You’re out of order! We’re all out of order! What’s prejudicial to the administration of justice? (Rule 8.4(d))

•    How fictional lawyers are constantly disrupting a tribunal (Rule 3.4(d))

•    Shouldn’t the other lawyers who see this stuff happen report their colleagues? (Rule 8.3(a))

TikTok, Twitter, tech, and ethics

TikTok might be the biggest tech-related issue in lawyer ethics these days, but it’s certainly not the only one. Teicher will discuss the latest and not-so-greatest issues in legal ethics and technology.

He will examine:

•    How email can still kill your career (Reply to all and Rule 4.2)

•    Could lawyers accept crypto as a fee? (Rule 1.15)

•    The duty to see online scams coming (Rule 1.1)

What the ‘Song of the Century’ teaches about inclusion in the law

A white man and a black woman joined forces to create the most powerful protest song in the history of modern music. “Strange Fruit” was deemed the song of the 20th Century and the story of its creation teaches lawyers valuable lessons about inclusion in the law. Teicher explains how collaboration and friendship form the bedrock needed to create a foundation of inclusion in the practice of law.

Starting April 19 and running from 1-3:55 p.m., Ethics Express is available for registration online at