09:22 AM

Chris Lebeck appointed to Missouri Court Automation Committee

The Missouri Board of Governors appointed Chris Lebeck to the Missouri Court Automation Committee at its annual meeting in September. 

The 23-member Missouri Court Automation Committee was established in 1994 by state statute to develop, implement, operate, and maintain a statewide court automation system. The committee also administers the Statewide Court Automation Fund. 

Lebeck serves as the city attorney for Branson. He assisted with implementing, maintaining, and overseeing ProsecutorbyKarpel (PbK), a statewide prosecutor case management system used by most state prosecutor offices in Missouri. He also helped implement the system nationwide by providing data conversion, custom software development, and training to numerous courts, jails, police, and jail records systems. 

Branson is the only municipal court in Taney County to use Show-Me Courts, with Lebeck’s office being entirely file-less. His office is also one of only two statewide that file citations through a case initiation software interface instead of manually. 

“Instead of being a critic of the recent rollout of Show-Me Courts that has caused heartburn for municipal prosecutor offices throughout the state,” Lebeck said, “I would rather be part of the solution and lend my nationwide experience and expertise to make sure the courts operate in a method that is efficient and effective not just for the courts, but for all other parties that interact with the court.” 

Lebeck’s term ends Dec. 31, 2022. 

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