16:29 PM

David Crawford reappointed to Intervention Committee

The Missouri Bar Board of Governors has reappointed David Crawford to the Intervention Committee. 

The nine-member Intervention Committee was established in 1985, pursuant to Supreme Court of Missouri Rule 16.03, to encourage the identification of substance use in the legal profession and address substance use or other challenges lawyers and judges may struggle with. The Board of Governors appoints five members to the committee while the Executive Council of the Judicial Conference appoints four. 

Crawford practices at Crawford Intellectual Property Law in St. Louis. 

“Assisting attorneys, law students, and judges in recovering from alcohol and drug dependence is extremely rewarding,” said Crawford. “The Intervention Committee directly helps attorneys restore their lives and practices, resulting in untold indirect benefits to their children, spouses, business partners, and clients. To me, no other service work could be as gratifying.”