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Dr. Isaac Amon awarded for outstanding legal writing in Journal

Dr. Isaac Amon- W. Oliver Rasch Award

Dr. Isaac Amon has been named the 2023 W. Oliver Rasch Award for his in-depth article, “The enduring lesson of John Lilburne's saga: Self-incrimination in the criminal justice system” in the January/February 2022 Journal of The Missouri Bar. Amon will be presented the award Sept. 13, 2023, during The Missouri Bar Foundation & Public Service Awards Luncheion at the Annual Meeting of The Missouri Bar in Kansas City.

The Missouri Bar Foundation gives the award to authors who write standout articles in the Journal. Each year, the Journal’s Editorial Board recommends an author to the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, and the foundation selects the award winner. Created in 1986, the W. Oliver Rasch Award is named after the former chair of the editorial board and includes a $500 cash stipend.  

Dr. Amon is a researcher, lawyer, and counselor at law. He currently serves as the director of academic research at the Jewish Heritage Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the history and future of Sephardic Jews. He obtained a Juris Doctorate and a Master of Laws in negotiation and dispute resolution and Doctor of Juridical Science in comparative criminal procedure at Washington University in St. Louis School of Law. 

Amon’s article, “The enduring lesson of John Lilburne's saga: Self-incrimination in the criminal justice system,” discusses the 1637 trial of John Lilburne and how it affected the modern legal system and the rights we now often take for granted.  

Amon said he was surprised to receive the award and sincerely thanks the members of The Missouri Bar Foundation for choosing his article. He added that he hopes this recognition for his article will spark a greater interest in John Lilburne. 

“I accept this award on behalf of furthering John Lilburne's legacy and the foundational role his immense self-sacrifice played in enshrining the right against self-incrimination in the U.S. Constitution,” Amon said. “He died penniless and in obscurity, but this man full of determination resisted an unjust system and prevailed.” 

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Amon encourages all lawyers, especially new lawyers, to learn the history of the law and appreciate the art of research. He believes that we would cherish our rights and system more if we better understood their origins. He also encourages lawyers to write and speak about the things they learn. 

“Speak and write on something you're passionate about and you won't go wrong. The writing will flow and who knows, perhaps you will inspire lawyers yet to come,” he said. 

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