15:00 PM

Erica Slater appointed to Joint Commission on Women in the Profession

The Missouri Bar Board of Governors appointed St. Louis lawyer Erica Slater to the Joint Commission on Women in the Profession at its May 19, 2023, meeting. Slater’s term will begin Oct. 1, 2023, and end Sept. 30, 2026.  

The Supreme Court of Missouri formed the Joint Commission on Women in the Profession in conjunction with The Missouri Bar with the purpose of assessing the status of women in the profession, identifying barriers to their advancement, combating bias in the justice system and in the legal profession, and securing full and equal participation of women in the legal profession. Slater said she was interested in the commission because of its storied history of affecting tangible changes for women in the legal profession in Missouri. 

“I have spent my career attempting to improve our profession through mentoring and creating dialogue around the unique challenges women face,” Slater said. “When I became aware of the opportunity to serve on the Joint Commission, I knew it was the right next step to continue to pursue that goal. I am excited to get to work.” 

Slater is a personal injury lawyer at The Simon Law firm. She is an alum of Saint Louis University School of Law and holds two bachelor's degrees from Marquette University. Slater was admitted to The Missouri Bar in 2011.  

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