13:54 PM

Good is all around

Vol. 79, No. 6 / Nov. - Dec. 2023


Mischa Buford-Epps, Executive Director of The Missouri Bar


This season is always a reminder to pause and reflect on all we have to be thankful for. For me and The Missouri Bar staff, that includes you – Missouri’s lawyers.

In 2023, you have demonstrated on multiple occasions the passion you have for the profession and your commitment to helping your colleagues and others in your community.

This year, we convened at meetings and CLEs – both virtually and in person – to exchange ideas and build connection. We welcomed hundreds of new lawyers into our fold and continued outreach to law students in our state. We shared valuable resources with Missouri’s teachers, students, and adult citizens and schools, including lesson plans, Juror Appreciation Week materials, and free legal guides and forms. We launched new public service announcements that highlight the valuable contributions of lawyers. And, together, we navigated the practical effects of implementing expanded remote access to Case.net filings.

All of these accomplishments help fulfill our charge to improve the legal profession, the administration of justice, and the law on behalf of the public. Yet none of this could have happened without the contributions of so many.

Behind our numerous activities are lawyers contributing their time and talent to present to peers, teach students, edit content, develop programming, serve as mentors, and so much more. The bar has a storied history of lawyers stepping up to serve and lead our board, sections, and committee, do pro bono work, and share information. Today, that group of volunteering lawyers is more diverse and representative of the population than ever before. See the chart below highlighting a handful of key stats from this year.

By volunteering your time, you define how the bar functions, you impact your fellow lawyers, and you shape how the public perceives our legal profession. Just flip through this issue or follow us on social media and you’ll see examples of how this is being done in real time. I encourage you to consider being more involved in The Missouri Bar in 2024. Take a look at the many opportunities listed on MoBar.org.

In a world punctuated by chaos, it sometimes might feel easier to focus on the bad. I challenge you to instead focus on the good around you, this season and every day.

Thank you for all you do!

With appreciation, Mischa