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How your enrollment fee dollars benefit you and your community

The 2021 deadline for Missouri lawyers to pay their annual enrollment fee is today, but do you know exactly what your enrollment fee dollars go toward? 

The annual enrollment fee a Missouri lawyer pays is allocated to services and programs the bar provides or supports to help lawyers even better serve their clients. For every dollar, 63 cents go toward the state bar’s operational costs, 25 cents fund the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel, and 12 cents is directed to Legal Services. 

Of the 12 cents allocated for Legal Services, the Supreme Court of Missouri collects 60% – labeled the “Low Income Legal Service Fee” – and pays the statutory basic civil legal services fund before it is distributed to Legal Services. The remaining 40% is passed through The Missouri Bar, with the Board of Governor’s permission, and paid to Legal Services.  

When Missouri lawyers pay their enrollment fees, they open the door to more than 50 services, benefits and discounts, whether it be for building and managing a law firm, purchasing insurance, adding research tools, and more. Missouri Bar members receive discounts from companies, saving nearly $1,000 annually. Missouri lawyers can also connect and collaborate with other lawyers from around the state through connect.MOBAR or The Missouri Bar’s more than 30 open-enrollment substantive law committees

With its portion of lawyers’ annual enrollment fees coupled with non-fees revenue, the bar can hire and maintain staff who administer programs that benefit Missouri Bar members, such as the Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Programdispute resolution programsfree access to legal research tool Fastcaseaffordable CLE programs, and more.  

The Missouri Bar doesn’t stop at assisting lawyers though. The state bar is dedicated to improving the profession, the law and the administration of justice on behalf of all Missourians. Along with providing benefits and programs to lawyers, the bar also provides a variety of resources and services to the citizens of Missouri. Members of the public may find an attorney online, download guides on legal topics, and take advantage of civics education programming – all aimed at helping Missourians gain a better understanding of how the law impacts their daily lives. The Missouri Bar also coordinates multiple pro bono efforts, connecting volunteer lawyers with low-income Missourians in need of legal help.  

Licensed Missouri lawyers receive an annual enrollment fee statement from the Supreme Court of Missouri. Annual enrollment fees are due on or before Feb. 1, as Jan. 31 is a Sunday this year. Missouri lawyers can view their attorney enrollment fee balances by clicking here. Lawyers can also pay online using a credit card or echeck process via MyFees.  

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