07:05 AM

Important change affecting all eFilers takes effect Sept. 21

"Redaction Information Filing Sheet" renamed "CRIFS/Unredacted document"

The State Judicial Records Committee recently approved a description change to the  eFiling document type previously labeled “Redaction Information Filing Sheet” to the new label of "CRIFS/Unredacted document" in an effort to more clearly denote which documents should be attached to the filed document. The Office of State Courts Administrator (OSCA) is implementing the renaming of the document type on Thursday, Sept. 21, within Missouri's eFiling system. 

Some courts differ in local court rules as to when the CRIFSs (Confidential Redacted Information Filing Sheets) must be filed. The CRIFS is a statewide form provided for capturing the redacted confidential information within a public court document. In the scenario of differing local court rules, OSCA recommends CRIFS be filed as the document and the unredacted document be filed as an attachment. 

All other steps in your eFiling process needed to comply with Court Operating Rule 2 remain the same as outlined in the May 18, 2023, article “What you need to know about e-filing following expanded remote public access.” 

Visit The Missouri Bar’s Remote Public Access Resource and Redcation Center for a step-by-step video featuring the renamed document type, as well as articles and continuing legal education videos about protecting your client's confidential information in light of expanded remote public access. You can also find information and how-to videos regarding redaction best practices and various redaction software.