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‘Is It Legal To…?’: Foundation of Missouri’s court system

Everyone will interact with the court system at some point in their lives – whether it’s for to serve as a juror, a speeding ticket, marriage, divorce, a crime, inheritance, personal injury, adoption, eviction, worker’s compensation, or some other life event. With so many ways for people to engage with Missouri’s judicial system, it’s vital that citizens understand how courts operate and why they are instrumental to peaceably settling our disputes in our society. 

In The Missouri Bar’s newest episode of the “Is It Legal To…?” podcast, Hon. Lisa Page and Hon. Ted House cover the basic principles that govern Missouri’s court system, including how courts operate, how judges are selected and assigned cases, and why judges follow the law rather than their own preferences. Page serves as a judge for the Missouri Court of Appeals-Eastern District, while House is a judge with the 11th Judicial Circuit Court serving the people of St. Charles County. 

Listen to the new episode at https://soundcloud.com/user-784534365/is-it-legal-to-missouri-judges-and-courts or by clicking the play button below.  


“Is It Legal To…?” is produced by The Missouri Bar, with Communications Director Farrah Fite and veteran Missourinet reporter Bob Priddy as the hosts. To listen to more episodes, visit https://missourilawyershelp.org/isitlegalto/.  

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