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Judges Gabbert, Hogan recognized for judicial excellence

McMillian Awardees


Two Missouri judges are being honored with the 2023 Theodore M. McMillian Judicial Excellence Awards: Hon. Anthony Rex Gabbert and Hon. Elizabeth Byrne Hogan. Lauren Tucker McCubbin, 2022-23 president of The Missouri Bar, will present the awards to Gabbert and Hogan Sept. 14, 2023, during the Missouri Judicial Awards Breakfast at the Judicial Conference and Annual Meeting of The Missouri Bar in Kansas City. 

The Missouri Bar Board of Governors established the Theodore M. McMillian Judicial Excellence Award in 2004 to recognize jurists who, by virtue of their integrity, leadership, and diligence in the pursuit of the efficient administration of justice, inspire other members of the judiciary to similar noble purpose.  

Hon. Gabbert has served the judiciary for the last 31 years as municipal judge, associate circuit judge, circuit judge, and, since 2013, as a judge on the Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District. Prior to serving on the bench, he worked as a prosecuting attorney and then in private practice. Gabbert received his B.A. in 1980 from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and earned his J.D. in 1985 from the Mississippi College School of Law. Gabbert said being part of the legal profession and serving his community in each judicial position has been a great honor. 

“As judges, we have the unique role through our work of upholding the respect of our citizens towards our courts and the rule of law itself,” Gabbert said. “We have the responsibility in the legal cases before us to interpret and apply the laws passed by the legislature, to do so in a fair and impartial manner, and to protect the constitutional rights of our fellow citizens.” 

Hon. Hogan is presently the presiding judge for the 22nd Judicial Circuit. She graduated from the Academy of Visitation, DePauw University with a B.A. in political science, and earned her J.D. in 1996 from Western Michigan Cooley Law School. She has served as an associate circuit judge and a circuit judge. Prior to her appointment to the bench, she was an assistant prosecuting attorney in Jefferson County, an assistant circuit attorney in the City of St. Louis, a supervising attorney at CASA (formerly Voices for Children), and in private practice with her spouse. 

“The award is one of the greatest honors of my career,” Hogan said. “In addition to serving as an assistant circuit attorney in the City of St. Louis and working with juveniles in the City of St. Louis prior to being appointed to the bench, I have worked for over 18 years as a public servant as a judge and raised my family in this city that I love. I remain committed to doing anything I can to ensure every individual that comes before me and my colleagues, whether defendant or victim, is treated with courtesy, respect, and recognition of the rights of all.” 

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