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Learn how to use Webex

As of April 1, 2021, court proceedings have been held via Webex, a video conference application by Cisco Systems. To help you better participate in court proceedings, The Missouri Bar created a Webex tutorial video playlist on Youtube containing information on how to navigate the basics of Webex. 

Joining meetings 

Probably two of the most important videos of the series revolve around joining meetings using Webex. The video conferencing application allows users to join via their browser, a downloaded application, and a mobile application. These videos focus on joining meetings using your browser and the downloaded Webex application. 

Turning your microphone and camera on and off 

We all have been in a meeting where either you or another person were muted while talking. The next tutorial video in the series outlines how to control the microphone and video features. 

Adding or removing virtual backgrounds 

Avoid showing any clutter or distracting objects behind you by adding a virtual background. With that said, you can also avoid being like the lawyer who accidentally turned into a cat by learning how to remove your virtual background in this video.  

Chatting within Webex and using reactions 

If you want to have a side conversation, share information or ask a question – just not on camera - the platform offers a chat feature where you can send a message to an individual participate or the whole group. Webex also allows participants to use reactions, like a laughing face or hands clapping, as well as raise their hand.  

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on March 23, 2020, the Missouri Court Automation Committee approved the temporary use of Zoom for court proceedings open to the public. The committee also allowed the existing use of Scopia video conferencing and Webex, the planned replacement for Scopia, for all court proceedings. The Missouri Court Automation Committee adopted Webex as the video technology standard for the Missouri judiciary based on the August 2020 report and recommendations of the MCA Video Conferencing Task Team, originally convened in 2018. 

At its Jan. 8, 2021, meeting, the Missouri Court Automation Committee approved a Webex Implementation Plan, which included the discontinuance of Zoom. Some courts purchased annual Zoom licenses, so to account for the annual license cost and to accommodate a transition period for court proceedings already scheduled with Zoom, April 1, 2021, was designated as the end date for the temporary authorization to use Zoom for court proceedings.  

View and download the Office of State Courts Administrator Webex Virtual Court Proceeding Quick Reference Guide under The Missouri Bar’s Coronavirus Resource Center.