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Learn to reduce violence, mitigate risk in the practice of family law

Lawyers at this year’s Annual Family Law Conference will learn how to reduce the risk of violence, deal with confrontational situations in and out of court, and steps they can take to set their cases and clients up for long-term success.

Held both online and in-person at Chateau on the Lake Resort Spa & Convention Center in Branson Aug. 3-5, this year’s conference features a plenary session each day, as well as more than 35 breakout sessions, a Guardian ad Litem track, a basics track, and a paralegal track.

Keynote speakers Julia Weber and Lundy Bancroft will provide attendees with the most up to date information necessary for family law lawyers to even better serve their clients and communities.

Here some featured sessions at this year’s conferences:

Plenary: What we can do to reduce risk of violence

Family law lawyers, judicial officers, and court-connected professionals have a significant role to play in working with individuals and families in crisis, a role that is even more important given the emotional nature of the field and the potential for violence and injuries. The statistics are staggering and become that much more concerning when confronted with cases that may raise red flags or that result in actual harm. In this plenary, Julia Weber will provide information on what lawyers must do, should do, and can do when in confrontational situations with clients or others. Federal and state legislation, recent court decisions, and examples of promising practices that focus on fairly and effectively addressing these complex issues will be covered. Presented by Julia F. Weber, JD, MSW on Aug. 3 at 8:30 a.m.

Breakout session: Practical approaches to reducing violence risks

In this session, attendees will learn about concrete steps they can take to increase safety in family law, child custody, and domestic violence cases. Issues related to ethical and legal obligations, limitations, and opportunities will be addressed and specific questions and recommendations for having critical conversations to help plan for professional and client safety will be offered. Lawyers will also learn about current innovative approaches family law lawyers and others are taking to help reduce risk during this critical period. Presented by Julia F. Weber, JD, MSW on Aug. 3 at 10:10 a.m

Plenary: The domestic batterer as parent

This presentation will examine the established profile of men who abuse women, describe the power dynamics and the psychologically poisoned atmosphere that abusers create for children. Bancroft will look at some of the specific risks to children that are present in a batterer’s parenting style, including the significant overlap of physical and sexual abuse. Lawyers will learn about the impact the batterer has on the parenting of an abused woman and consider the binds she faces while attempting to protect her children. Bancroft will confront the myth that the children’s problems are solved when their mother leaves the batterer, a myth which connects to other misconceptions that can cause well-intentioned interventions to become dangerous situations. The plenary will also provide an overview of best practices to effectively promote safety and healing for children and their mothers. Presented by Lundy Bancroft on Aug. 4 at 8:30 a.m.

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