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Legislative Update - Jan. 1, 2021

In the 2020 elections, Republicans preserved the supermajorities held in both chambers since 2012: in the House (114-49) and in the Senate (24-10). The partisan composition of the Senate remains unchanged, and the Democratic minority picked up only one additional seat in the House.

The 101st General Assembly will include 24 lawyers, one third-year law student and one law-trained legislator. In the Senate, three lawyer-legislators are Republican and two are Democratic. In the House, 12 lawyer-legislators are Republican and seven are Democratic. Five lawyer-legislators will serve in leadership roles. After the first day of session, updated information about lawyer-legislators will be available at the Legislative Engagement Center on the Missouri Bar’s website.


District 2 – Sen. Bob Onder (R) - holdover

District 5 – Sen.-elect Steven Roberts (D)

District 9 – Sen.-elect Barbara Anne Washington (D)

District 32 – Sen. Bill White (R) – holdover

District 34 – Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer (R) – holdover


District 5 – Rep. Louis Riggs (R)

District 17 – Rep. Mark Ellebracht (D)

District 18 – Rep. Wes Rogers (D)

District 21 – Rep. Robert Sauls (D)

District 56 – Rep.-elect Michael Davis (R) – J.D., Washburn Univ. School of Law, 2018

District 59 – Rep. Rudy Veit (R)

District 76 – Rep.-elect Marlon S. Anderson (D)

District 80 – Rep. Peter Merideth (D)

District 87 – Rep. Ian Mackey (D)

District 89 – Rep. Dean Plocher (R)

District 91 – Rep. Sarah Unsicker (D)

District 96 – Rep. David J. Gregory (R)

District 97 – Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R)

District 101 – Rep. Bruce DeGroot (R)

District 105 – Rep. Phil Christofanelli (R) – Washington Univ. School of Law, 3L

District 107 – Rep. Nick Schroer (R)

District 122 – Rep.-elect Bill Hardwick (R)

District 133 – Rep. Curtis D. Trent (R)

District 134 – Rep.-elect Alex C. Riley (R)

District 137 – Rep. John Black (R)

District 154 – Rep. David Evans (R)

The House and Senate majority and minority caucuses met in November to elect their leadership for the next two years. While official elections for Speaker of the House and Senate President Pro Tempore will occur on the first day of session, House Republicans selected Majority Floor Leader Rob Vescovo as Speaker-designate on September 11, 2019. The Senate Republican caucus selected Sen. Dave Schatz to continue as President Pro Tempore. A listing of the new leadership follows:


Speaker - Rob Vescovo (majority)

Speaker Pro Tempore - John Wiemann (majority)

Floor Leader - Dean Plocher (majority); Crystal Quade (minority)

Asst. Floor Leader - Hannah Kelly (majority); Richard Brown (minority)

Caucus Chair - Sara Walsh (majority); Ingrid Burnett (minority)

Caucus Whip - Allen Andrews (majority); Doug Clemens (minority)

Caucus Secretary - Ann Kelley (majority); Gretchen Bangert (minority)

Caucus Vice Chair - LaKeySha Bosley (minority)

Caucus Policy Chair - Sarah Unsicker (minority)


President - Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe (majority)

President Pro Tempore - Dave Schatz (majority)

Floor Leader - Caleb Rowden (majority); J. J. Rizzo (minority)

Asst. Floor Leader - Bill White (majority); Brian Williams (minority)

Caucus Chair - Dan Hegeman (majority); Karla May (minority)

Caucus Whip - Tony Luetkemeyer (majority); Steve Roberts (minority)

Caucus Secretary - Jeanie Riddle (majority)

You may be interested in legislative developments occurring during the session, which you can follow at the Legislative Engagement Center on the Missouri Bar’s website. Here filed legislation is listed by practice area under Bills of Interest. Click on the practice area to view the bills – their number, short title, sponsor, progress, and latest action. Clicking on the Bill Number leads directly to the General Assembly’s website where you can review the full bill text, a summary, the bill’s current status, actions taken on the bill, and any scheduled hearing dates.