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Mark these Missouri Bar resources for the 2024 legislative session

The Missouri Bar Government Relations Department is here to help you stay up to date on legislation that matters to you

The Missouri General Assembly is in session. With thousands of bills being proposed, it can be difficult – and overwhelming – to track the topics that impact your practice of law or your clients. Through The Missouri Bar’s Legislative Engagement Center, you have access to dozens of legislative resources to help you better serve your clients and communities. 

Bills by subject matter or practice area

Missouri lawyers and residents can utilize various feeds encompassing more than 30 areas of law to keep track of the latest legislative action on bills that matter to them. Areas include administrative law; bankruptcy; criminal law; employment; family law; and more. Click here to view the subject matters you are interested in.

Legislative Digest

Each year, The Missouri Bar publishes the Legislative Digest – a document that provides section-by-section summaries of legislation and other tools for navigating new laws. Lawyers who subscribe to Legislative Digest will receive it via email. They can also download it and past versions from the Legislative Engagement Center.

As a Missouri Bar member, you can manage your email subscriptions by choosing “My Profile.” Under the “Contact” tab, you can edit your subscription preferences for the Legislative Digest, Courts Bulletin, and the Journal of The Missouri Bar. Your email address can be updated using “Membership” under the “About” tab. Missouri Bar members may also subscribe to the Legislative Digest by clicking here.

Legislative update

During and after the legislative session, The Missouri Bar government relations staff summarizes relevant legislative news, including the status of various bills, committee hearings of interest, and more. Legislative update and other government relations news is available at News.MoBar.org.

Bar-initiated legislative proposals and resolutions

The Missouri Bar Board of Governors approves law improvement measures, drafted by committees of The Missouri Bar, for introduction in the Missouri General Assembly each year. Click here to view the 2024 bar-initiated legislative proposals.

The Board of Governors and its Executive Committee also regularly review legislation arising outside The Missouri Bar and may take positions on behalf of The Missouri Bar on individual bills, under certain circumstances. In addition, the Board of Governors has adopted some general positions on particular legislative issues. To read the most recent general resolutions, click here.

General Assembly information

Through the Legislative Engagement Center, you can meet the Missouri lawyers serving in elected offices at the state and federal levels. The Legislative Engagement Center also provides links to useful General Assembly webpages, where you can search for bills, view the Senate and House rosters, and see the agendas for committee hearings. Click here to view your elected officials and navigate the various General Assembly resources.

Contact The Missouri Bar government relations department at 573-659-2280 or govrel@mobar.org with questions about the Legislative Engagement Center or comments about specific bills.