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MCLE Reporting deadline fast approaching

Missouri lawyers' MCLE Annual Compliance Reports must be filed by Oct. 31

The Oct. 31, 2020, deadline for Missouri lawyers to file their 2019-20 MCLE Annual Compliance Report is fast approaching. And The Missouri Bar is here to help those lawyers who have not yet filed. Here’s answers to help you complete your report online using our new MyMCLE reporting platform.

What are the MCLE credit requirements for 2019-20?

Lawyers must complete 15 hours of CLE programs or activities. At least three of the total 15 credit hours must be devoted exclusively to accredited ethics activities, including professionalism, substance use, mental health, legal or judicial ethics, malpractice prevention, explicit or implicit bias, diversity, inclusion or cultural competency. At least one of the three ethics credit hours must be devoted exclusively to explicit or implicit bias, diversity, inclusion or cultural competency – programs which fulfill this requirement note “Elimination of Bias” credit. See Supreme Court of Missouri Rule 15.05(a).

How do I file my MCLE Annual Compliance Report?

The Missouri Bar launched a new online MUMCLE reporting platform, providing members a comprehensive mechanism for reporting annual MCLE compliance, requesting program accreditation and tracking compliance throughout the year. File online at MoBar.org/MCLEReporting.

What should I do if I have been unable to complete my required CLE hours?

Lawyers who have not completed the required CLE credit hours may submit a deficiency plan, which will provide an extension of time to complete your MCLE requirements. File your deficiency plan in the online MyMCLE reporting platform by selecting “9. Deficiency Plan.” Deficiency plan requests should be made before the Oct. 31, 2020, reporting deadline for the compliance period.

What happens if I do not file my MCLE Annual Report by Oct. 31, 2020?

Lawyers who are not in compliance with Rule 15 by Dec. 31, 2020, will be notified and incur a $200 late fee. The late fee for compliance before the end of each successive month shall increase by $50 until compliance is established, not to exceed $500. Pursuant to Supreme Court of Missouri Rule 15.06, a list of lawyers who are not in compliance with Rule 15 will be submitted to the Supreme Court of Missouri no later than March 1, 2021. Lawyers included on the delinquency list will be automatically suspended from practice. See Rule 15.06(f) and Supreme Court of Missouri Order, dated March 23, 2020.