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MCLE vs. MoBarCLE: Quick guide

Understanding the differences between MoBarCLE and MCLE

With only a few letters difference, MoBarCLE and MCLE can be difficult to discern. While there are key distinctions between them, both MoBarCLE and MCLE help lawyers even better serve their clients and communities. Learn more about the key differences between the two below. 


Minimum Continuing Legal Education, or MCLE, was approved by the Supreme Court of Missouri in 1988 and requires all members of The Missouri Bar, dependent on licensure status, to meet yearly continuing legal education requirements as set out in Rule 15 of the Missouri Court Rules and Regulations. 

Lawyers report their earned credits to the bar’s MCLE department. Credits can be from various sources, though they will only count if they are accredited. The Missouri Bar maintains a searchable list of programs accredited in Missouri here. Lawyers can also request MCLE credit for a program not already approved by a sponsor here.  

Lawyers must earn a minimum of 15 credit hours to be Rule 15 compliant. Hours must be completed by June 30 and filed by July 31 of each year. MCLE annual reports are filed online. The Missouri Bar is always working to improve the online reporting process to be nimbler and more user-friendly, and the MCLE department is always available to assist lawyers. 

MCLE and Dispute Resolution Programs Director Shannon Briesacher said the goal of the MCLE department at The Missouri Bar is not to punish lawyers who have difficulty meeting these education requirements, but to assist lawyers in achieving compliance with Rule 15, including sending members an informational mailer with compliance and reporting deadlines, filing information, and answers to frequently asked questions. 

“We continue to send members monthly compliance reminders via email and post. On the MCLE homepage of MoBar.org, we have a number of helpful resources, including a searchable database for upcoming CLE programs that have already received Missouri accreditation,” Briesacher said. “Our online reporting platform allows members to report their CLE hours throughout the year as they are earned.  And, of course, our MCLE team is always available to answer questions and assist our members.” 


MoBarCLE is a department of The Missouri Bar that provides continuing legal education programs and opportunities for lawyers to earn their MCLE. MoBarCLE events include in-person conferences such as the Annual Solo & Small Firm Conference, the Bernard Edelman DWI Law & Science Seminar, the Annual Family Law Conference, The Missouri Bar’s Annual Meeting, and the Annual Estate, Trust & Elder Law Institute. There are also a plethora of virtual webinars to attend online and a calendar of events for lawyers to plan ahead for their CLE hours. Where MoBarCLE offers programs specific to individual practice areas, lawyers also have access to additional resources, such as deskbooks, to help inform their practice.   

“MoBarCLE provides a robust catalogue of timely and affordable CLE programs for Missouri lawyers.  The MCLE department makes sure that those programs are accredited and can be reported online once the course is completed,” Briesacher said. “For lawyers with special CLE requirements, like those seeking admission without examination, the MCLE department works with the lawyer and MoBarCLE to facilitate attendance and confirm compliance. And MoBarCLE and the MCLE department work together to ensure that lawyers who attend MoBarCLE conferences and programs have access to their course ID numbers for easier reporting and frequent reminders throughout their attendance of the upcoming compliance and filing deadlines.” 

The Missouri Bar is here to help with any questions on concerns regarding MoBarCLE and MCLE. Contact The Missouri Bar MCLE Department at MCLE@MoBar.org or 573-638-2233. For questions about a MoBarCLE program, read the online FAQ or contact the MoBarCLE department.