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Meet your new YLS Council Representatives – District 3, Kansas City

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Brice Barnard, Lauren Dollar, and Sam Sherman were recently elected to represent District 3 on the YLS Council. The district covers Jackson County. 

The Missouri Bar Young Lawyers’ Section (YLS) works to facilitate the professional growth and public service of new and recently admitted Missouri Lawyers. The YLS Council is comprised of approximately 35 lawyers from districts across the state who are elected by their peers to serve two-year terms.  

Barnard, Dollar, and Sherman answered the following questions to help their constituents get to know them better.  

What are you most looking forward to in your role as a YLS Council member? 

Barnard: I’m happy to be back! There are so many opportunities with The Missouri Bar and the American Bar Association; I’m excited to continue bringing young lawyers together and encouraging them to become more involved.  

Dollar: I am looking forward to engaging young attorneys with the bar and everything it does. Specifically, I am looking forward to promoting lawyer wellbeing and community service. 

Sherman: I’m most looking forward to meeting and working with service-minded attorneys from around the state. I also look forward to learning how the bar operates from the inside and doing my part to help make the bar an even greater resource for young attorneys. 

What do you want other young lawyers to learn about YLS or The Missouri Bar? 

Barnard: There is great value in getting involved. The main goal of YLS is to serve our communities and Missouri, and the relationships and knowledge gained from being involved in YLS and The Missouri Bar can last a lifetime, both personally and professionally. 

Dollar: I want other young lawyers to learn that YLS and The Missouri Bar are comprised of hundreds of individuals and programs designed to help you in your career and outside of your career. Everyone I have met in YLS or at The Missouri Bar has been extremely generous with their time and advice and go out of their way to help others. It’s really inspiring. 

What made you want to become a lawyer? 

Barnard: Like a lot of lawyers, I wanted to make a difference for the “little guy” and help people, and I felt like my theater background would transfer well into the courtroom and allow me to continue exercising my creative muscles. 

Dollar: I wanted to be the voice and advocate for those who have experienced unimaginable tragedies. 

What is your favorite way to spend a day off? 

Dollar: I love to attend yoga, go on hikes, and walk with my husband and our 15-month-old daughter. I also really enjoy a nice puzzle or baking. 

Sherman: My favorite way to spend a day off is either playing golf or fly fishing. 

Is there anything that you would like members of the bar to know about you? 

Barnard: I always try to be as accessible as possible, so I want YLS members to feel free to reach out to me even if they’re not in my district. We’re in this together and I’m happy to help. 

Sherman: I would just like members of the bar to know that I am excited and honored to serve on YLS Council. My goal is to become a resource for the bar, its members, and my community through my work with YLS, and I am always available to hear suggestions or ideas.