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Missouri lawyers share gender, race, and ethnicity data

2024 makeup of Missouri lawyers remains consistent compared to 2023

2024 Member Data, Vertical

As part of the 2024 attorney enrollment process through the Supreme Court of Missouri, nine in 10 of the 31,031 actively licensed lawyers in Missouri voluntarily reported their gender, and 76% voluntarily reported their race and/or ethnicity. Reporting across the categories reflected a slight increase from 2023. 

Voluntary reporting of gender was included on the annual Attorney Enrollment Form beginning in 2016 based on a recommendation from the Joint Commission on Women in the Profession of the Supreme Court of Missouri and The Missouri Bar. Voluntary reporting of race and ethnicity was added to the enrollment form for 2018 following a recommendation by the Supreme Court of Missouri’s Commission on Racial and Ethnic Fairness. 

The profession’s gender makeup in Missouri found 37.2% of today’s Missouri lawyers are female compared to 36.9% in 2023. 

The reporting data indicates ethnic and racial diversity among Missouri lawyers also has remained consistent since 2023. In 2024, 13.35% of members report race and ethnicity other than Caucasian, slightly more than 13.02% reported in 2023. 

Megan Phillips, 2023-24 president of The Missouri Bar, said one of the state bar’s core strategic goals is that Missouri lawyers reflect the diverse constituencies they serve, and all members view The Missouri Bar as an inclusive organization where they belong.  

“The Supreme Court of Missouri created our unified bar 80 years ago,” Phillips said. “Today, we enjoy the collective strength of 31,000 members who optimize their diverse perspectives and collaborate to best serve our clients and communities.”  

Phillips also noted the work in recent years of The Missouri Bar Special Committee on Lawyers of Color, which recognized and recommended programs to help high school students from across that state learn about the practice of law and consider becoming a lawyer.   

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