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Missouri lawyers urged to update voting district to avoid board election issues

Update your Member Profile by May 15


Missouri lawyers who fail to ensure their voting district information is up to date could encounter issues when casting a ballot for The Missouri Bar Board of Governors election which takes place in July.

For Missouri lawyers to ensure they receive the correct ballot to vote in the upcoming 2022 Board of Governors election, lawyers are urged to ensure the proper place of voting is identified in their Member Profile at MoBar.org. To receive the proper ballot this July, lawyers must complete any changes to their voting district no later than May 15, 2022.

A Missouri lawyer's voting district is defined in Rule 6.01(i):  “the voting place designated shall be the place where the lawyer is employed or maintains his or her principal office for the full-time practice of law.” 

Missouri lawyers who have moved their principal office, changed employers, or recently relocated are the most at risk for having an outdated voting district on file. However, all Missouri lawyers are encouraged to review their voting district via their Member Profile at MoBar.org.  That's because The Missouri Bar supports the Board of Governors election, which is administered by the Supreme Court of Missouri, by providing the clerk of the Supreme Court with an electronic file of lawyers eligible to vote in the election. The May 15 deadline is imperative as no additions to the electronic file may be made after the date of certification without a showing of good cause.

By verifying and updating - if necessary - their voting district by May 15, Missouri lawyers will receive an email with a secure link to the proper ballot for the Board of Governors election no later than July 20, 2022, from the the clerk of the Supreme Court of Missouri.

The Missouri Bar Board of Governors is made up of 45 members who are elected by fellow lawyers to represent their respective district for two years, beginning at the state bar's Annual Meeting  held each September. During their terms, board members meet frequently to help shape the strategies to fulfill the bar’s goals of improving the profession, the law, and the administration of justice on behalf of all Missourians. Learn more about the Board of Governors, board districts, and elections here