09:06 AM

New episode: “Is It Legal To…?” Legal Innovation

The world is constantly changing, and the legal field is evolving with it.  

In the latest episode of the “Is It Legal To…?” podcast, hosts Farrah Fite and Bob Priddy are joined by Ayyoub Ajmi from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law and Nicole Fisher of Fisher Law in Kansas City to discuss innovations in the legal field. 

Topics in this episode include: 

  • “Do it yourself” legal kits. 
  • Artificial intelligence in the legal field. 
  • Online portals for orders of protection. 
  • Resources for individuals representing themselves. 
  • Listen to the latest episode here or by clicking the play button below.  


“Is It Legal To…?” is a podcast produced by The Missouri Bar, with hosts Communications Director Farrah Fite and veteran Missourinet reporter Bob Priddy. To listen to more episodes, visit MissouriLawyersHelp.org/IsItLegalTo.  

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