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New Missouri lawyers sworn in during Fall Enrollment Ceremonies

About 280 new Missouri lawyers took their oaths Friday, Oct. 1, 2021, before the judges of the Supreme Court of Missouri during an enrollment ceremony on the front steps of the State Capitol Building in Jefferson City.

More than 400 individuals passed the July 2021 bar exam, and many of them celebrated on Friday, including Brandon Hill. A weight was finally lifted off Hill’s shoulders when he took his oath and heard his name called during the ceremony. While people kept asking if he was relieved following graduating from Saint Louis University School of Law and passing the bar exam, the realization that he was a lawyer didn’t hit until after the enrollment ceremony.

He advised those still in or considering law school to continue persevering.

“If it’s hard and it’s taking you a lot of time, you’re probably in the right place and doing the right thing,” said Hill, who serves as an assistant public defender for St. Louis County. “It shouldn’t be easy or otherwise it’s not worth it. If it’s scary, do it because that’s the greatest accomplishment.”

Graduating from law school and becoming a lawyer is a large accomplishment for Hill since he was the first individual in his family to go to law school. He credited his family and dog for supporting him through the journey.

Like Hill, Alicia Morrow said she could not have accomplished her goal of becoming a Missouri lawyer had it not been for her supportive family. While attending Saint Louis University School of Law part time in the evenings, Morrow also worked full time and supported her two children with her husband. On Friday, her family and friends cheered proudly for Morrow when her name was called.

“It feels like an era and the start of something new,” Morrow said. “I’m really excited about what’s to come.”

Missouri Bar 2021-22 President John Grimm congratulated the new lawyers and reminded them that their hard work isn’t over. He urged the new lawyers to find mentors who display inspirational qualities and seek ways to give back to their communities.

“We, as lawyers, help people. We solve problems, and the best lawyers, in my view, are those who help people and solve problems while maintaining the professionalism and civility that you will pledge to honor.”

The Missouri Bar is here to help lawyers even better serve their clients. Enrollees are encouraged to view the New Member page to learn about the bar’s resources.

Enrollment ceremonies traditionally take place in the Supreme Court of Missouri Building. Modifications to the event occurred due to COVID-19 precautions. The Missouri Bar streamed the event live on Facebook for those unable to attend. In addition, The Missouri Bar Young Lawyers’ Section sent welcome packets to all of the state’s enrollees.

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