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Office Manager Raven Ballard keeps The Missouri Bar running smoothly

Raven BallardAs the office manager, Raven Ballard described herself as the “catch-all” person for anything The Missouri Bar needs to continue operating smoothly. 

Ballard handles anything that helps keep the Bar Center running efficiently – whether that be simply ordering sticky notes, sending out daily meeting reminder emails, meeting with event vendors, or coordinating large maintenance projects on the bar’s buildings. 

“My job has a lot of catch-alls, so if you need something for your office or know of something that would make life better – whether that’s something really small like a new pen or something big like a whole new desk setup – I’m your person,” she said. 

Ballard also answers the public’s calls regarding legal resources The Missouri Bar offers. 

Due to Ballard’s various tasks, she must have strong organizational and people skills. 

“I feel like I get to work with a lot of different people – other staff in the office because everyone in the office could benefit from something in their office, but also all of our vendors and contractors,” she said. 

Ballard joked that her other favorite part of the job is that “it’s like Christmas everyday” since she receives and opens packages daily. 

Before joining The Missouri Bar in August 2021, Ballard was an administrative assistant for an autism clinic in Columbia. 

Outside of her duties at The Missouri Bar, Ballard enjoys spending time outdoors and is currently working toward her master’s degree in clinical mental health from Stephens College of Columbia.