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Pay your annual enrollment fee by Jan. 31

Each year, Missouri lawyers receive an annual enrollment fee statement and invoice from the Supreme Court of Missouri in the mail. As you pay your enrollment fees on or by Jan. 31, we’re here to help you better understand the process.  

Where do annual enrollment fees go?

The 2023 deadline to pay annual enrollment fees is Jan. 31. The annual enrollment fee is allocated to services and programs The Missouri Bar provides or supports to help lawyers even better serve their clients and communities. For every dollar, 63 cents go toward the state bar’s operational costs, 25 cents fund the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel, and 12 cents is directed to Legal Services. 

In exchange, Missouri Bar members receive more than 50 benefits, services, and discounts – totaling a savings of nearly $1,000 annually. This includes unlimited legal research via Fastcase; access to The Missouri Bar Private Insurance Exchange; savings on billing software; discounts on travel costs; and much more.

With its portion of lawyers’ annual enrollment fees coupled with non-fees revenue, the bar hires and maintains staff who administer programs that benefit Missouri Bar members, such as the Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Programdispute resolution programs, and affordable CLE programs. The bar also provides a variety of resources and services to the citizens of Missouri, including tools for finding a lawyer online, identifying pro bono services, downloading guides on legal topics, and utilizing civics education programming – all aimed at helping Missourians gain a better understanding of how the law impacts their daily lives. 

How do I pay my annual enrollment fee?

Missouri lawyers can view their attorney enrollment fee balances here and pay online using a credit card or echeck process via MyFees.  

Lawyers who fail to pay their fees by Jan. 31 will receive a $50 penalty charge. Each additional month of delayed payment will result in a $5 charge. Lawyers who do not pay enrollment fees will face automatic suspension. Lawyers who are delinquent for three consecutive years are required to apply to the Court under Rule 5.28 for reinstatement as a member in good standing. 

Perhaps you’ve changed professions or retired and aren’t sure you want to continue paying annual enrollment fees. Going inactive to simply avoid fees for a time, however, might not be in your best interest. Changing your status to inactive means you can’t practice law in the state, and it limits your access to practice tools and resources, as well as prohibits you from voting in elections for the board of governors. Advance planning is needed to avoid delays when returning to practice under Missouri Supreme Court Rule 6.06 (which provides for a lawyer to again be eligible to practice law in Missouri).  

We want to make your enrollment fee payment process as convenient as possible. To find answers to even more questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.