15:01 PM

Remote public access launch to have roll-out implementation

Starting July 1, the public will have access to public court records from personal electronic devices. But due to the size of the project, implementation will occur over a period of nearly four months – meaning citizens will be able to access public court documents remotely for some circuit courts but not others during the implementation phase.

Last year, the Supreme Court of Missouri approved rule changes that would allow expanded remote public access of court documents. To help circuit courts transition to this wider access and not overwhelm Case.net, the Court will roll out the implementation gradually. Below is the current implementation schedule:

·        On July 1 – Supreme Court of Missouri and Missouri Courts of Appeals

·        On or after July 16 – Circuits 1-11

·        On or after Aug. 20 – Circuits 12-21

·        On or after Sept. 17 – Circuits 22-29

·        On or after Oct. 22 – Circuits 30-46

Not sure of your circuit? Click here to view a map of Missouri’s circuit courts. For court-specific information, visit the Find a Court search feature.

Once a circuit court offers remote public access, citizens will be allowed to view public court records dating back to July 1. Any public court records filed before July 1 will not be accessible remotely.

The rule change underscores the importance of existing requirements for anyone filing documents in any Missouri state court to keep unnecessary confidential information out of public documents and, when confidential information must be included, to redact that information.

For more resources related to the remote public access and redaction rule changes, visit The Missouri Bar’s Remote Public Access and Redaction Resource Center.