18:21 PM

Resources for your practice during a pandemic

As the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic continues to impact lawyers, their staff and clients, many individuals have questions about how to best operate and continue to practice. In response, 2019-20 Missouri Bar President Tom Bender said The Missouri Bar has created a Coronavirus Resource Center to assist with common concerns and help lawyers even better serve their clients and communities during the pandemic.

“We're here to help if you have concerns about how COVID-19 impacts your well-being or practice, and our new resource center is a comprehensive and relevant way to access important information," said 2019-20 Missouri Bar President Tom Bender. "As lawyers, The Missouri Bar has the very important responsibility to provide citizens access to justice—even in uncertain times. We will continue to provide Missouri lawyers with new and helpful resources as we all adapt our practices and lives during this pandemic."

Bender said the new Coronavirus Resource Center includes an array of resources to help lawyers maintain their practice and well-being. The center includes recent coronavirus news which impacts the profession and tips for how to best apply the Rules of Professional Conduct as lawyers adapt and prepare for various outcomes. Lawyers can also access practice management resources, such as virtual receptionist support, strategies for working remotely, and webinars.

Bender said The Missouri Bar also recognizes that disasters, including pandemics, can create feelings of stress, anxiety, grief and worry. To help lawyers maintain their emotional health, the Coronavirus Resource Center also provides links to mental health and well-being resources, including the free and confidential Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Program, which is here to help, 24/7. In addition, the center also links to appropriate government and heath care resources.

Bender added that The Missouri Bar will keep the center up to date with emerging information and resources as the state bar continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on lawyers, the profession and the people of Missouri.

Bender reminds Missouri lawyers that their safety and well-being is at the forefront of the bar’s actions. To that end, he said The Missouri Bar had suspended its in-person events (as of March 13) as has since shifted to having most Missouri Bar employees work remotely. Bender emphasized that the bar team is continuing its services which are readily available to members and the public via phone and email. If you have questions, contact a staff person or send a message so the appropriate team members can help.