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Self-reflection for mental wellness

Well-being Week in Law: Spiritual

by Raven Ballard, PLPC

If you look up the definition of spirituality, you’ll find yourself faced with a plethora of definitions that are each a little different from the last. I think this speaks for itself, as spirituality is not one-size-fits-all. For some, spirituality could be rooted in religion or religious practices, while others view spirituality as a way of thinking or acting. Regardless of your definition of spirituality, the general consensus is that spirituality is important for wellness.

A study conducted in 2015 found that factors such as having meaningful work experiences and aligned values were bigger predictors for lawyer happiness rather than external success factors such as financial rewards or being “top dog.” We’ve all heard the phrase “money can’t buy happiness,” and the body of research proving this phenomenon is growing larger and larger.

So, how do we know that we’re on the right track when spirituality is so subjective? Here are some activities for self-reflection that can help things feel clearer when it all seems muddy:

  • Assess your values. Values are a set of personal standards or behaviors which act as a compass for our thoughts and actions. When our behaviors do not reflect our values, dissonance is likely to occur.
  • Keep a journal. You don’t have to journal every day, but keeping a journal allows the space to reflect on oneself and process your thoughts.
  • Connect with your faith community. If there is a particular religion that feel strongly towards, look into local communities that help grow and foster that faith.
  • Meditate. Remember that meditation doesn’t have to be sitting quietly, thinking about nothing. Meditation is about being mindful and intentional with your thoughts.

Defining what spiritual wellness means to you can be tough, but remember that you’re not alone in your journey.

Brain break: Live in alignment by determining and following your values. This values exercise is a great starting point.

If you need to discuss how you could improve and grow your spiritual wellness, the Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Program is here to help! Please consult the Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Program at 1-800-688-7859 for free, confidential counseling. 


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