14:37 PM

The Timothy Foundation recognized with Liberty Bell Award for services to the legal community

The Liberty Bell Award acknowledges a non-lawyer or non-legal organization engaged in public service activities that enhance the legal community or are dedicated to the advancement of justice. 

This year’s Liberty Bell Award recipient, The Timothy Foundation, is a faith-based 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2021 to assist individuals with mental health or substance abuse issues, helping the Butler County and southeast Missouri region by reducing recidivism and the backlog of criminal cases in the legal system stemming from those exact issues. One way of achieving that goal is by helping graduates of the RU Recovery Program further their education.  

While the RU Recovery Program has helped participants in rehabilitation with basic needs in and around Poplar Bluff, it has been successful in helping 82% of graduates overcome their addictions. But what then? 

That is where The Timothy Foundation steps in. Once graduates have had their basic needs met, foundation staff members learned that many individuals never completed high school and desired to further their education. The Timothy Foundation’s mission is to build strong communities by empowering individuals to improve their lives with a variety of adult education programs. There are four programs: the Gateway Adult Education Program, the RU School of Discipleship Program, the Helping Hands Program, and the SEMO Bible Institute. 

 “We are providing or connecting adults with these educational opportunities while also giving hope and encouragement and helping meet the basic needs of them and their families,” explains executive director Wes Tayloe.  Working with the Missouri Department of Corrections Probation and Parole and the Missouri Department of Social Services Family Services, The Timothy Foundation learned the long-term freedom from addiction that is achieved through the RU Recovery Program can reduce the recidivism rate in the region.  

“We anticipate that the achievement of higher education, life skills, and workplace skills training will help reduce the overall burden on our local social services system as individuals are better prepared to provide for themselves and face life’s challenges,” Tayloe said.   In addition to its work with the Department of Corrections Probation and Parole and DSS Family Services, the foundation also provides adult education resources through the Three Rivers College Behavioral Health Program, mental health services through FCC Behavioral Health, as well as job training, work placement, and housing. 

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