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Top Takeaways from the January-February Journal of The Missouri Bar

by Gary Toohey, editor

Loans to nonprofit institutions create unique situations for lenders – and particularly when the loan is to a religious institution. In our cover article, attorney Michael D. Fielding of Kansas City explains that although civil courts cannot address the ecclesiastical affairs of churches, they can apply neutral principles of law to resolve debtor-creditor disputes that include issues unique to nonprofits.

From homicide prosecutions to insurance lawsuits, lawyers may occasionally require an expert opinion as to the manner and cause of a person’s death. Jefferson City attorney Todd T. Smith cautions his fellow practitioners that achieving this goal may require dealing with both state and county government officials, the scarcity of genuine forensic experts, and the temptation to avoid an expensive examination when the cause of death seems obvious.

From case management and document management systems to accounting programs and data backup systems, technology is indispensable to the functioning of a modern law office. But what happens when that technology – either through product failure or misuse – results in a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct? In this issue’s “Ethics” column, legal ethics counsel Melinda Bentley reviews the guidance available to lawyers in implementing and using tech devices and systems in their practices.

In the “Executive Summary” column, Missouri Bar Foundation President Theresa Levings of Kansas City takes a closer look at the many noteworthy justice system programs and efforts supported by the foundation and urges Missouri lawyers to make a difference through their contributions.

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