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Updated Small Claims Handbook now available thanks to Young Lawyers’ Section

Legal processes can be very confusing to navigate, but often people don’t feel they can hire a lawyer to guide them through a situation. The Young Lawyers’ Section of The Missouri Bar recognized a need years ago for guides to help Missouri citizens and began providing them as a public service. One of the resources created was the Small Claims Handbook.  

The revised Small Claims Handbook replaces a version from 2011 and is available free of charge for download at MissouriLawyersHelp.orgThe work of two members of the section, Hon. Corey Moon and lawyer Cort VanOstran, were key to the revision of this legal handbook for the public.  

“The small claims process was created for citizens to resolve their disputes efficiently and fairly without the necessity of hiring an attorney,” said Moon about the need for the revised handbook. 

An accessible small claims process is important to achieving The Missouri Bar's goal that all Missourians have equal access to justice,” VanOstran added. 

The Small Claims Handbook is a basic guide for the process. New to the updated resource are links to small claims petitions and counter claims.  

The law can still be confusing without formal training” Moon noted, reminding the public that “nothing precludes you from seeking the advice of an attorney if your situation is complicated. 

This is one reason information on The Missouri Bar’s LawyerSearch and Missouri.FreeLegalAnswers.org resources were included in the updated handbook.  

Hopefully, the information in this revised handbook will make the small claims process easier to navigate for all parties, concluded VanOstran. 

Access the updated Small Claims Handbook as well as guides and resources on different areas of the law at Missouri.LawyersHelp.orgFor additional information on the Young Lawyers’ Sectionclick here.